#1 MAIL-AWAY STAR WARS RETRO VINTAGE BOBA FETT In the spirit of the '80s, Hasbro reintroduced fans to the vintage package designs for their new Star Wars Saga figures (including the prequels) and with that came the return of the "Free Figure with Proofs of Purchase". Paying homage to what has come before and giving older fans something they've always wanted, Hasbro gave fans reason to rejoice with a retooled retro vintage Boba Fett with actual firing Rocket Launcher. Finally! Fans need only buy FIVE Star Wars figures and send in a check for shipping and handling. What makes this exclusive so well liked is that everyone could do it and there were no limits to how many you could get. If you wanted three Boba Fetts, simiply buy fifteen figures. And this exclusive didn't come in a cheap baggy with a cardboard box. No, this Boba Fett figure came in its own retro vintage packaging for fans to display carded or loose. What's old is new again. Or perhaps the old is still the very best? http://www.figures.com/forums/news/12117-best-2010-best-exclusives.html#post54516

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